Super Phantom Cat

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Super Phantom Cat

Featured in 166 countries on the App Store!

4.5/5 - "It is a pretty perfect hybrid of the new and old." - TouchArcade

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Super Phantom Cat is a brand new old-style arcade game, try to find your way out in different galaxy by uncovering hidden paths and collect data to unlock new characters.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"How to become a Super Phantom Cat?"  Mr White pacing around his floor thinking " It must be so cool if I could become a Phantom cat, I could be a phantom supercat and save the world!"

White have these thoughts when he was still a little boy, after he've been saved by the Phantom cat.

One night, the Flash cat show up. This truly master told White that if he wanna become a Super Phantom Cat he need to collect enough data to be transformable.

"Step into the adventure to collect data, you will become the hero to save the world eventually!" He says.

However, along with the changing phantom world those creatures are undergoing inevitable changes as well.

"There are different creatures in different galaxy; No matter you are human being or vampire, you can transfer your species and races easily with the help of data! Today you are an adorable cat, other day you can be a Diva, or you can be a vampire! Nothing is impossible, as long as you got enough data!!!

Explore the whole galaxy and collect all the data there to answer the most complicated philosophy question: Who we are?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

■ Beautiful

Clean, colorful art and whimsical character design

■ Retro Style

A modern twist on retro platformers with a quirky plot, hardcore platforming gameplay that’s perfectly tuned for touchscreen

■ Easy to play

Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete with fully customizable controls

■ Only one IAP

Easy for everyone to unlock level, but the only in game product can help you unlock it as well

■ Extra Bonus

Bonus levels for even more challenge and depth, endearing unlockable characters ranging from a cute chicken to a menacing vampire

■ Sound

Awesome chip tune soundtrack